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Free Media

Your Ignorance Won't Save You

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Welcome to the Free Media community. This community is moderated (sort of) by rem21. The purpose of Free Media is to analyze and discuss mainstream media and its shortcomings. Free Media is a democratic community, which will observe the following rules.

Rule #1- Free Speech
Free speech is an ideal that must be upheld. There will be no censorship and no ideas are "off-topic." That said, all posts should relate to the media in one way or another. This includes TV, newspaper, music, internet, other lj communities, radio, books, movies, ect. Entries can either come in the form of a rant, or question, or simply informative. Also, if one wishes to post a picture, that is acceptable, provided it is able to segue into a discussion related to media.

Rule #2- Everything Else
Ok, there really isn't a rule #2. Basically anything else that may come up is subject to the decision of the majority of the community. This may include suggested changes of any kind.
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