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Freon Radio

a while back a few friends and i had the idea of creating a low-power FM radio station. as we become more interested in the possibility, we have created a blog to help us reach out to our small town of 4000 people. while we have general tech knowledge, and the capacity to easily learn more, we lack any knowledge on the subject of LPFM broadcasts.

are hopes are that the station will play a lot of music, but will also allow us to express our political views, and any information on the subject we want to spread to our town.

im posting this in a couple of communites with topics at least similar to ours, in the hope that at least a few of you weill be able to help. while we would prefer an email ( we would love any sort of advice those more knowledgeable on this subject would like to provide. we need information on finances (of which we have very little) and on possible problems we may encounter.

we only need to reach a small area, maybe 4 miles in every direction, but we need the signal to be relatively clear so that we can play music on it and make it sound at least decent.

once again any information you can provide will be valuable and greatly appreaciated. i sincerely appologize if this post breaks the rules of any of the communities i hope to post this in, and if it does a polite reminder will be just fine.

Nat Turner
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